Wapo Bodensee

julho 15, 2020

You know when Clark says in Man Of Steel "the world is too big, mom", and then Martha answers "then make it small"? That is a hell of advice for when we are talking about entertainment.
There are thousands of wonderful productions out there, and I feel kind of guilty for letting them aside to watch Marvel's movies.
But there is a detail in Marvel films that no one talk about: they are easy to find. And how do we leave this bubble? Making new friends.

That is how I finded Wapo Bodensee, a germany serie of incredible quality. Image ok, sound ok, Hollywood production level, and apparently easy to find - I searched on Google the episode I wanted to see and the first link lead me to it in high resolution.

Wapo Bodensee was an indication from my friend Nicolò Pasetti, actor who did one of this season episodes. And of course I saw to give him my support. But the point here isn't to talk about Nico's work, who by the way is an incredible actor, but to talk about watching things that, if wasn't for my intercontinental friendships, I would never have heard they exist. I even talked about it with Nico, about how we can easily forget how big the world can be if we only watch big movies from Disney and Warner.

No need to say that I didn't understand a word, but it was a extraordinary experience anyway. To see how things are done in a different country, from their point of view, and their way of doing it. And since I couldn't understand the dialogues, I paid attention to the scenery, the quality of the image, to things that might passed me by, and I, on my own, find out the reason of the murder - this show is like a criminal investigation - and what I didn't understand Nico explained to me.

It has been a while since I watched a new "Hollywood movie". Which is totally ironic because 10 years ago I didn't miss a new one, every week there I was, at the theater - but I paid half the price back then.

It is awesome to have someone who indicates things like that. A person who has friends has everything.

I wanna enjoy this moment and leave a series indication: Au Service de la France, a Netflix original with two seasons - I already saw two episodes [they are short, half an hour each] and am loving it.


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