That's It

julho 04, 2020

Crazy times we are going through, where we don't know if we stay, if we go, if we watch that serie we kept postponed for ages, if we study like crazy and discover how to make the cold fusion work, if we sit in our couch doing nothing at all.

I think everybody is a little lost trying to get used to this new lifestyle.
Frappuccino at Starbucks? Picnic in the park? Weekend at Disney? Forget it. Now what is left for us is to set up a light to look good in front of the camera and chat with our frinds on Zoom.

I myself went nuts and completely lost it, but I manage to get out of the collective breaking down e move on however I could. Something that makes me a really privileged person. Not financially speaking [things are bad, guys], but psychologically. And I owe a lot of that to Ícaro De Carvalho, and the time he dedicates to his followers.
* seriously Ícaro, thanks

When we need it, we figure it out somehow. And be with a strong state of mind and being confident helps the people I love to not falling down. Is like that story when we do something incredible, and we give people permission to do the same, you know?

During four months I stayed quiet in the cave while I waited myself to bloom. And thought a lot about life, with whom I wanna be and where I wanna to have my space to do my own kind of decoration, with a lot of plants and iron furniture that ordinary people use in their garden.

Sometimes it's all we really need. And having someone who takes care of us, while we do that, in our own time, has no price.

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