março 27, 2020

It started out as any other trailer.
Hight resolution image, perfect photograph showing a landscape with a blue sky above. The lowest camera putting the tall grass in foreground just before focusing on the loving couple walking arm in arm. Then we jump to next scene where the protagonist, played by Helena Bonham Carter, reveals to the viewer that that romance that seemed cute was actually a abusive relationship.

"You felt trapped inside the monster, didn't you?" - asks a person with his back to the screen
"Yes" - responde Helena Bonham Carter - "and it felt good..."

And due to the background song and the actress expression, we could sense the character fear and the danger of the situation.

But the thing is, this was not a trailer, but a dream I had tonight, until the despair of the situation wake me up. Maybe I had this dream because of the conversations I have been having about the fear people have to fall in love, to give their heart to someone who could or not be a good person. But this is life, we like it or not. We don't have the ways to predict the unfold of a relationship before entering it.

Maybe empress Leopoldina has something to do with these dreams too, since I'm about to start reading a very well recomended book about her life, who went through a lot of suffering thanks to the toxic and humiliating relationship she had with D. Pedro I - forget about what you saw on Globo Television, mon amour, because it was so not that. This girl was deceived, deluded, and arrived in Brazil completely in love with a emperor that was invented for her.

So many situations that converged into a scary dream. Perhaps to remind me to follow my own advice.

Anne Rios

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