março 23, 2020

In the quantum field the distance between two bodies is a variable that doesn't exist. I'm here, you're in London, but at the most intrinsic level of the quantum world we're side by side and nothing nor no one can prove otherwise.

But today's story isn't about us, but from this movie I watched with my friend Vicky during our forced - and yet, very important - quarantine.
* detail: Vicky lives at Curitiba and I in São Paulo

My idea was: "what if we watch a movie at the same time and comment it though whatsapp?" I had no doubt this was gonna be a sucessful adventure - the more doubts I have, the more I give my myself to the unknow, from my heart - but the plan turned out to be greater than expected.

Words of wisdom where exchanged based on the movie's lines, scenes got eternized in the form of messages that I saved to "copy at my Moleskine" later. Super important stuff that got lost at the limbo, I'm afraid, since I forgot my plan and erased all the messages by acident 'cause I wanted to clear some space in my phone.
* it hurt me

But there are stuff at life that turn out to be like this. And we get a little upset, and then think this is just another opportunity to start writing movie quotes again.
Eat, Pray, Love will continue existing despite what I done. All I need to do is hit the play button again.

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