março 14, 2020

Went watch thinking it was a "100% Boolywood" movie, but instead I find out it's just a kind of "inspired by Boolywood". Like flavored water.
Not that it diminishes the merit of the movie, au contraire.

Bride and Prejudice takes the most famous novel from Jane Austen to indian soil, introduce to us a little from indian culture [at what 2h 22 min of movie allow] and change the name of almost all of the characters, which I found very courageous. But the most courageous act of all came from whoever had the idea of change Mr. Darcy into an american - as a british he was always way too perfect.

The movie has some musical scenes [a Boolywood classic], the one at the engagement party having the most beautiful dance coreography - but I'm a little suspicious to say so 'cause I love indian dances.
Although, I must confess that I didn't thought the moment of execution of these dances propicious. Some hours they was perfomed too close to each other, and others the lack of dances was so big that I forgot what kind of movie I was watching.

This is not the best film adaptation and it's far from it, but we, as "Pride and Prejudice" lovers, only have to gain with it. Because, and pay attetion, when a book we love becomes a movie, we wanna see it, right?
And when the movie is inserted in a culture so different from the one we are used to it, we are introduced to a whole new universe of possibilities that most of the time we don't accept or don't understand. Something that Lalita [the Elizabeth here] threw so hardshy on Mr. Darcy's face - well, he deserved.

Of all, watching Bride and Prejudice was, to say the least, an interesting experience.

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